Gain a comprehensive overview of Data Science.

Taught on campus at EPFL, the DSFM program balances theory and practice to quickly cover the most-important aspects of Data Science. You will learn in a highly-interactive environment, through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, exercises, case studies, problems, and visualizations. DSFM helps executives, managers, engineers, analysts, and other professionals understand when AI works - and when it does not. You also will learn to spot new opportunities to adopt data-driven models – a proven path to advance your career. We also take time for brainstorming and networking with peers to help you convert opportunities into real-world results.

Perhaps most importantly, you will gain the technical basis to separate AI-reality from AI-hype.

Very complete training. Highly recommended. 5 stars!

Vladimiro Borsi, Viseca Card Services

This course is highly recommended for every manager, coordinator, analyst, engineer, consultant etc. who is - or will soon be - collaborating with experts in ML/AI. DSFM delivers the essence of theory combined with practical coding exercises (down in the weeds of Data Science) on a state of the art campus. By adding cross-industry networking on top, the program was able to create a very sustainable learning momentum.

Severin Gygax, PostFinance AG

Select a format to fit your needs.

Broad, Technical Foundation
for Business Professionals

High-Level Overview
for Decision Makers

After reading books on Data Science and watching tutorials on the web, I was left with the impression of never really getting started. I eventually found DSFM on the EPFL website and decided to give it a try, instead of going for online courses over several months in small sessions.

In good courses you learn new concepts, in exceptional ones you not only learn, but you just admire how well it was designed, organized and executed. The take home materials are just great, with theory, demonstrations, and extremely well documented Jupyter notebooks ready to execute and review any time after the course.

Prof. Younge has created a true pearl of pedagogy in a field still unexplored by most managers and decision takers. He opens wide the black box of machine learning and AI mystique, showing us what's inside, with rigor, foresight, clarity, pragmatism and humor, and gives us the so-needed impulse to roll up our sleeves and just start doing it !

I accomplished in one week what would have taken me months to figure out - how to discriminate the hype from reality, assimilate complex concepts and learn how they get applied in real life.

A great week !

-- Stevan Klaas, Lead Advisor to the CEO

Invest in your career.

You need a computational mindset to take advantage of data-driven analytics. It is unlikely, however, that you received such skills when you were last in school. Return to school at EPFL and learn directly from leading Professors in the field to up-skill yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

Move to the forefront of the digital revolution.

McKinsey projects that over 70% of firms will adopt at least one type of Artificial Intelligence in the next 10 years and AI will add $13 trillion to global GDP. The most innovative companies are rapidly developing new capabilities in machine learning and data science and starting new initiatives across many domains, such as manufacturing, finance, audit, supply-chain, logistics, engineering, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and many others.

“150 million new Data-AI related jobs will be created in the next two years.”
- The World Economic Forum

5 Day Technical Boot Camp

The Boot Camp covers the same material as the Fast Track, but goes into much more depth and detail with respect to the methods, applications, problems, and programming code for building solutions. The Boot Camp is limited to 30 participants to ensure every participant will have time to work one-on-one with a TA.

2 Day Executive Fast Track

The Fast Track summarizes the core concepts and methods of Data Science and then explores the strategy of digital transformation through specific examples, case studies, and group discussions. The Fast Track is limited to 10 participants to ensure high-quality discussion and information sharing within the group.

Continuing education with lasting value.

Continuing education is a life-long journey. When you complete a DSFM course, you will gain the tools and mindset that you need to continue growing into a cutting-edge, business analyst. DSFM delivers lasting value that will continue to pay off for years to come.